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Updated: January 22, 2023

NOW thru June 2023

Worship the Lord
in the Beauty of Holiness

Litury Series (6 sessions) through June 2023.
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February 2023

FIRED UP -- Confirmation Conference Retreat

There's something powerful that happens when several hundreds of teens gather as Church to celebrate our faith, experience the joy of the Holy Spirit, listen to dynamic speakers, and pray together at Mass with the Bishop. This is a huge, dynamic, and exciting conference for all youth who are preparing to be sealed by the Holy Spirit in the awesome Sacrament of Confirmation!

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February 3

Father-Son Programs

The Father-Son Program explores God’s special gift of human sexuality and fertility as well as the goodness and wonder of his plan for growing up and becoming a man of integrity. It is designed for fathers* and their 12-16 year old sons. All content is pure, light-hearted and affirming. Click left for flyer.

February 4

Mother-Daughter Programs

The Mother-Daughter Programs explore God’s special gift of human fertility and the beauty and wonder of God’s plan for growing up and becoming a woman. The Teen and Tween Programs cover similar subject matter while differing in depth and scope. All presentations are pure, light-hearted and affirming! Click left for flyer.

February 4

World Day of the Sick

The World Day of the Sick Mass will be held Saturday February 4th, 2023, at Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Carmichael.

11:00 A.M Mass with Bishop Jaime Soto. This celebration of the Eucharist will include sacramental Anointing of the Sick, the blessing of caregivers and blessing with water from the shrine in Lourdes.

February 11

World Marriage Day

Join us as we honor marriage and salute the beauty of faithfulness, sacrifice, and joy in married life. During this live-streamed Mass, there will be a special blessing for sacramentally married couples and an opportunity for them to renew their marital commitment. Click left for flyer.

February 17

Theology of the Body

Join us! To explore God’s plan and for us to understanding what it means to be human and how to orient our lives and our actions toward authentic fulfillment. Parent’s workshop will cover the conversation about parenting and helping your child understand their body. Teen’s workshop will provide understand of God’s plan for each individual and will come away with a faith-filled vision of hope that will instill in you the sheer wonder and joy of being alive.
Cost: $20 per family

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For more information, contact: Moises De Leon 916.733.0133 or email MDeleon@scd.org



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